That Time I Thought I Was Going to Die in a Slag Pit Explosion

I work at a steel mill. One of my jobs at said mill is to dig pits of red hot slag with a Caterpillar 988G Loader. If you are unfamiliar with steel mills or slag pits, I’ll give you a little background.

There a two basic types of still mills. Mills that make steel from iron ore using a blast furnace and mills the recycle old steel and turn it into new steel. The mill where I work does the latter. The furnaces that melt the steel are referred to as EAC (Electric Arc Furnace) Three very large electrodes are pumped with an ungodly amount of electrical current and the old steel is melted. Just to show you how powerful it really is, It only takes approximately 30 minutes to melt down enough scrap metal to produce 130 tons of 3000 degree liquid steel.

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